More site stuff

Of course, one of the reasons I’ve had time to make changes to the site is that JMU is out for the summer, and I have very few concerts in the next couple months. At the moment, I’m (mostly) enjoying spending time with my kids, and trying to fit some work in between naps, preschool and playdates.

So, I haven’t had a lot to say about upcoming performances!

I do return to France this summer for another performance of “Le Tournoi de Chauvency.” I have pictures from the premiere, which I will try to post sometime soon. This may be the last performance, which is somewhat bittersweet. It’s been rough on my family to have me so far away for so long, but I will miss my good friends from the Tournoi cast. I will write about the experience here at some point.

I will also be music director for a local production of “The King and I” this summer, which should be a delightful change of pace.

The next concert season is beginning to shape up, but there are still many holes. I’m looking forward to filling them!