April showers

We’ve had some rainy weather recently, but the last couple days have been just beautiful. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors and having the windows open while indoors. Taxes are now out of the way, and we’re entering the last week of classes at JMU, so I’m looking forward to a slightly slower pace over the summer.

I’ll be in Princeton next weekend (April 26) for a concert with some friends from college, and the following weekend (May 3), I’ll be singing a performance of “Camp Songs” by Paul Schoenfield in Richmond, VA. The latter is an extraordinary set for mezzo and baritone, clarinet, violin, cello, bass and piano, premiered in 2002. It’s not easy at all, but it sounds very jazzy to my ears, and quite evocative. We’ve got a great group of performers, and I hope we’ll get to repeat this somewhere.

This summer, I’ll be stopping in to sing at the Shenandoah Bach Festival, and later, essentially making my professional conducting debut for a summer musical theater production of Wizard of Oz in Luray. I’ll post more info as the time approaches.